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Smackdown Results

Batista Didn't compete on Smackdown this week but he did run in and saved Rey from a beating from Kane and Big Show after JBL walked out on Mysterio.

Other results from Smackdown....
Lashley def. Sylvan
World Tag Team Champions Big Show & Kane def. Rey Mysterio & JBL
Super Crazy & Psicosis won a Tag Team Battle Royal
Randy Orton def. Matt Hardy
Chris Benoit def. William Regal
The Boogeyman def. Simon Dean

Some matches announced for Armageddon...
Batista and Rey Mysterio VS Kane and Big Show
Randy Orton VS Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell Match
MNM VS Super Crazy and Psicosis
There are more matches to be announced soon

So far I think this PPV sounds better than Survivor Series.
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