Eric Draven (eric_draven5686) wrote in batista_bombs,
Eric Draven

Hey guys, just joined here. I want to let you know about a forum I made first. Before I get into it, if this is against any rules, then just delete it. I don't mean to cause problems.

The link is here:

It is a forum that I have just created, and am looking for members. It is dedicated to all things wrestling. It has areas to talk about all of the action going on today in the world of WWE and also TNA, as well as wrestling's past in any federation, whether it be WWE, WCW, ECW, or any others. There is also a wrestling RPG that will be starting, and a PPV prediction game. It is simply a place for everything associated with wrestling.

I hope to see you there!
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Sounds good I will check it out when I have a bit more time.
Welcome to the community.
Hi you put an entery up but ur user name isnt commin up just to let u know.
not sure what u user name is right under my icon...and if you're interested in the forum im trying to find ppl since i just started it recently, not many members yet so if youknow anyone else who may be interested feel free to pass it along to them as well
I ment your user name isnt coming up on the community info page.
The forum is moving along nicely, we are gaining members, and it is beginning to look a bit more lively. Hope to see some of you guys there.